Katipunan Flags

The first flag was that of movement Katipunan, created by Benita Rodriguez with the aid of the wife of Bonifacio, Gregoria de Jesus. The flag was a red rectangle red with three “K” white in a horizontal alignment. Some members of the movement used a variant of the flag in which one of the three “K”s was put above the other two forming a triangle. A third variant had a single K on it. (These flags could be construed as being related to the Klu Klux Klan, but they have nothing to do with it).
Jaume Ollé 7 September 1996

What is the significance of the K’s?

You will recall that the Spanish colonised the Philippines for well over 400 years. Towards the close of the XIX century, nationalist groups were being formed to drive out the Spaniards. Andres Bonifacio (1863 – 1896) popularly regarded as the Father of the Philippine Revolution founded the Katipunan which was the main nationalist group which fought against the Spanish in the quest for independence. That is what the K stands for.
Tom Koh, 15 October 1997

The Katipunan, which literally translates to Society or Association, began on July 7, 1892. Jaume shows their war standard as the red flag with three white K’s in a horizontal alignment. The K’s stood for “Kataastaasan Kagalanggalangan Na Katipunan ng Mga Anak Ng Bayan”. Loosely translated to mean the “Highest and Most Respectable Society of the Sons of the People.”
Gene ‘Duke’ Duque, 11 March 1998

Source: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ph-histo.html


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